Boat Tracking at a new level

Owning a boat is beautiful and fulfilling. However, at the same time it requires a lot of controll and administration.  That is why there is now the new Connect It Boat-Device, with which you can easily access all important information about your boat via app – anytime and from anywhere in the world!

Boat Tracking &
First Steps

The Connect It Boat-Device is installed on your boat with a few simple steps. Very good! Now all you have to do is download and register the free app for your Android or Apple device. After the Connect It Boat-Device has connected to your app, you can start immediately and retrieve important data about your boat at any time!

Enjoy the live boat tracking!

Enjoy the the live data which the Connect It Boat-Device offers you

  • Current status check: Use the app to access important status information about your boat at any time: current battery status or bilge water pump activity, you are always informed!
  • Real-time localisation: With the Connect It Boat device you can locate your boat in real time and from anywhere in the world. So you always know where your boat is at any given moment.
  • Travel history: View each of your adventures on the map in the app and save them with specific data, such as the start and end time of your journey.
  • Many programmable alarms: Get instant push notifications when your boat’s battery status is low, the engine turns on or the bilge pump is activated.

Order your Boat-Monitoring-Device now

You are enthusiastic about our Connect It Boat-Device and would like to enjoy our comfortable services yourself? Then visit our online shop and order your personal Connect It Boat-Device for your boat. You will love it!