Fleet tracking has never been easier

Managing and monitoring an entire fleet of ships is a costly business, which also consumes a lot of time. That is why we provide you a solution which is more than a mere Fleet GPS Sytem. Just sit back and relax, while you have all your entire fleet under controll and managed with our innovative technology. Once you have it implemented, you never want to miss it again – we promise!

fleet tracking

Fleet Map

View and locate your fleet real time with the integrated fleet gps system.

fleet list

Fleet List

See your marine fleet at a glance so that you always have everything under control.


Boat Status

See every trip, trip statistics, the
battery status and the bilge pump



Get push notifications for low battery levels, bilge pump operations, ignition starts or movements of your boats.

Have your fleet under controll

Easily connect your fleet with our Fleet Monitoring Box and download the fleet tracking app form the iOS or Google Play Store. It is that simple. Withing mintues you have your fleet monitoring system up and running. You just need to active your account, and you can enjoy all the benefits our solutions provides.

Boat Dealers: Offer additional service!

To stay ahead we continously have to reinvent ourselves. Espcially for boat deals and manfuctures, the Connect it Boat Solution, presents a unique opportunity to different form the rest. Offer your clients distinguished services such as the “fleet GPS system”, or prewarning in case something is about to go wrong. Your clients will appreciate the extra care, thus strenghten the bond to you more deeply.

Get a free demo or order directly form out fleet tracking experts. We are looking forward to you!

Order your Yacht Tracking Device now

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